Cryptographically Encrypted

Certificates are cryptographically encrypted. Certificate holders can see and share this data as they wish.

Shareable crecentials via URL

Certificate holders cah share the certificates with recruiters, employers using a unique URL

QR code Verification

Recruiters, employers can easily verify the authenticity of the certificate by scanning the QR code

Real Time Audit

The authenticity of the certificate can be verified in a matter of seconds and only authentic certificates can be successfully verified.

100% Fraudproof

Accucerts stores the certificates in the blockchain network so that it's nearly impossible for records to be faked or forged.

Secure and Immutable

The decentralized nature of blockchain and the absence of a central point of failure provides enhanced security against malicious attacks.

Global Access

With Accucerts, certificate holders can access and verify their certificates from anywhere in the world through the Accucerts portal.

Extra Revenue generation options

Accucerts facilitates institutions with an added revenue generation option where recruiters need to pay a fees to audit a certificate.

What Accucerts Offer For Your

Custom Certificates

The user intuitive dashboard of Accucerts platform facilitates institutions to seamlessly create and issue different types of certificates.

Direct Payments

The certificate verification, certificate auditing fee paid by the recruiters and employers is directly sent to the wallet/account of institution.

Zero Maintenance

Accucerts stores the certification details in the immutable public blockchain network, which offers zero maintenance.

Widgets and Addons

Accucerts website widgets and addons can be added in the instituion's website so that recruiters and students can verify certification details.